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I believe that every child is born with music talent. You can notice that a child can dance or response to the music you played naturally. That’s all because they are born to be a musician, therefore we should put the utmost effort into educating them. And I believe that the earlier they receive the music education, the better music foundation they will have. Therefore, I hope to create a great music learning experience and offer quality education for my young students. Young children get excited about games and movements easily, thus, I will include a lot of music interactive activities and games in my lesson to motivate their music learning. Furthermore, I believe that teaching must match to the student’s learning style, not learning match to the teacher’s teaching style. Therefore, teaching style, curriculum, and approach should be flexible, varied and individual. I will observe and discover my student’s learning style and ability in the first lesson, then I will design a tailor-made curriculum for him/her. For example, if he/she is an auditory learner, I will do more demonstration of playing piano for him/her. I believe this approach will be suitable for every single student, and they will not fall behind the curriculum easily.


My main goal is to offer a quality music education to my student while developing a love for music. I will always read articles and journals about music education or take part in piano and organ pedagogy seminars to improve my piano teaching. Another major goal is to create a happy and relaxed learning environment for my students. Nowadays, students usually feel stressful and drop out from the music lesson eventually if having a very serious and boring music lessons. There are high drop-out rates in music education in the 21st century. To realize the goal, I will give them a few take-home assignments and more positive feedback to them. Also, I hope my students can come up with their own ideas and build up some simple compositions. So, I will encourage the student to do some improvisations on the keyboard for every lesson. Besides, I hope my students can play the music in a very relaxed way and play it with their family or friends without fear. It’s important to enjoy playing music otherwise it will become a mundane task to a student.

I placed the highest priority on the teacher-student relationship. I believe that maintaining a good teacher-student relationship can foster a student’s music learning. A student will be motivated to learn and practice if they like their teacher. Also, they will be eager to share their own ideas and interpretations towards the music. Therefore, I will remain a not-too-close relationship with my student. If having a too close relationship with students, teachers may not become an authority to their students anymore, and receive less respect from them. Besides, I placed a higher priority in solving my student’s difficulties. Students may sometimes feel frustrated when they could not overcome some technical problem in piano playing. Being their piano teacher, I will provide some exercises and solutions for them to help them overcome the difficulties. Also, students may encounter some difficulties outside the lesson like doing badly at school etc., and they might share them with their teacher during the lesson. Being their music teacher, I will be a good listener and give some possible solutions for them to cope with the difficulties they had.

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